Pro Concordia Labor

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Designed in 1897 by Countess Cora di Brazzà. to accompany the Pro Concordia Labor flag (also known as the Universal Peace flag), the Universal Peace Badge is both a conversation piece and a tool to help the individual to engage in personal peace-work. Specifically, the aim of the badge is to assist the individual to live according to the Seven Rules of Harmony. Di Brazzà considered The Seven Rules to be amplifications and specifications of “The Golden Rule” (“Do not treat others in a way that you would not want to be treated”). Countless philosophers and sages have esteemed The Golden Rule and have noted that the practice of “living the rule” develops and matures one’s humane consciousness, thereby enabling the individual to fully develop into an instrument of peace.

The badge is to be placed upon a ribbon (yellow for men, purple for women, white for children - the three symbolic colors that are used in the Universal Peace flag). When one violates one of the Rules of Harmony, one removes the badge and engages in a period of self-reflection and personal reconciliation. In this way, one develops habits of living according to The Rules, and of engaging in contemplative acts aimed at peace-work.

If you are interesting in obtaining a Universal Peace Badge, visit the Etsy shop of the Cora di Brazz
à Foundation here. You can also contact Hope Elizabeth May here.

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